XML B2C & C2B communication messages

Pursuant to Regulation No 260/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council, which establishes new pan-European payment conditions, all bank-to-customer and customer-to-bank communication messages must be in XML format and be presented in the ISO 20022 standard from 1 February 2014 onwards. & The banks will start supporting XML-format communication messages by 1 February 2014 at the latest.

To make the transition as smooth as possible for companies and customers, the regulation allows for exceptions that make it possible for banks to offer their customers account number and message format conversion services until 1 February 2016. The Ministry of Finance, Eesti Pank and the Estonian Banking Association have resolved to inform the European Commission of Estonia’s decision to exercise use of the exceptions, with the exact volumes and terms to be separately agreed and decided on the basis of actual need. The payment environment forum decided on 05.06.2013 meeting to extend the support of legacy formats till 1 February 2015.

The payment standards working group of the Estonian Banking Association has worked out the following bank-to-customer and customer-to-bank communication messages:

Initiation of payment:  Payment Standards for Customer to Bank Ver 1.4  (Ver 1.3) (Ver 1.2)  (Ver 1.1) (Ver 1.0) (Ver 0.9)

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  • Customer Credit Transfer Initiation pain.001.001.03; (customer-to-bank communication messages, which has considered the elements of domestic payment orders, SEPA credit orders and cross-border payment orders)
  • Payment Status Report pain.002.001.03; (bank-to-customer payment status overview form)
Account statement:  Account Reporting Standards for Bank to Customer Ver 1.02 (Ver 1.01) (Ver 1.0) (Ver 0.9)

  • Account Statement camt.053.001.02; (overview of the transactions conducted on the account)
  • Account Report camt.052.001.02; (overview of account balance(s))
  • Debit Credit Notification camt.054.001.02; (notice of an account transaction, together with the transaction information)

The messages have been introduced at the Estonian payment environment forum, submitted to market participants for consultation, and were approved by the payment standards working group of the Estonian Banking Association on 31 January 2013.